LFTR in 5 Minutes - Creative Commons 2 Hour Documentary on the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

The 2009 version of Thorium Remix was very popular despite many flaws (including that whole copyright thing). The new Creative Commons Share-Alike 2011 version of THORIUM REMIX is much, much better. Please share. Please remix. If you buy DVDs of THORIUM REMIX 2011, feel free to make copies.

This project is a result of TEDxYYC hosting Kirk Sorensen in Calgary finally breaking a chicken-and-egg problem... I couldn't convince Kirk to come to Calgary without a compelling engagement, and I couldn't arrange any lecture venues for Kirk without a commitment on his part. So thanks to TEDxYYC for making this happen.

While Kirk was in Calgary, he spoke at Mount Royal University and PROTOSPACE. I then attended TEAC3 in Washington DC and captured many more thorium lectures.

So I finally had some hi-def footage of thorium lectures, as opposed to stealing poor video quality footage from Google Tech Talks. (Plus, I picked up a few interviews in Calgary and Washington.)

The result is not just a better video about LFTR, but a Creative Commons video which you are not only free to duplicate and give away... This is a video you can sell.

If you find this technology as compelling as I do, please help propagate by any means necessary!

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