Video: JVC GR-HD1 Review

JVC GR-HD1. Video review of JVC GR-HD1 for R4NT Magazine. Text component can be found here.

Internet Archive: MPEG-2 (original), WindowsMedia, MPEG-4 (plays in QuickTime).

And if you're curious about HD cameras in general, check out parallel article "Why might I need an HD camera?".


Stock: Walmart Timelapse

Walmart. Robert Greenwald is looking for Walmart footage for his upcoming documentary. Hopefully some of this can be used as b-roll. Is generic footage inside and outside Walmart stores in Calgary, Alberta. Timelapsed 10x and 40x. The indoor footage is shakey to the point of perhaps being unusable. No matter how I affixed my camera to a cart or walker, the zoom and focus kept changing as I rolled over the concrete approaching the store.

Available at Internet Archive. Multiple MPEG-2 (1280x720x30p) and MPEG-4 (preview) clips can be found.


Stock: BMX Wipeouts, 1999-11-13, Nelson BC

BMX Wipeouts. I was digging up some wipeout footage for the fluffer skit, and here's a few I found. 6 relatively minor wipeouts. Figured I should share them before deleting them off my hard drive. The girl who runs into me is Lal.

Internet Archive: MPEG-2 (original), MPEG-4 (plays in QuickTime).


Video: 9/11 In Plane Site Rebuttal

9/11 In Plane Site Rebuttal. I bought a copy of Naudet 9|11 DVD after watching "In Plane Site". Wanted to see what the raw frames looked like for the flashes. The flashes are there all right, but I don't think "In Plane Site" extrapolated correctly from the single frame of flash. I basically spent a few days taking in conspiracy theories and the rebuttals. This is a summary of my findings.

Internet Archive: MPEG-2 (original), MPEG-4 (plays in QuickTime).

Update [2005-02-11]:
I'm deprecating this video. I still believe "In Plane Site" contains definite misinformation regarding bright flashes before impact of planes against world trade center (my video stands in that regard), but the argument is moot. "In Plane Site" no longer represents current conspiracy theory arguments. If you want to see a compelling 9/11 conspiracy theory video, watch Loose Change 2nd Edition (downloadable here). I am not vouching for its accuracy, nor saying it is incorrect. I have not yet formed an opinion either way (doing so will take some time). But I do recommend people watch it, and follow up with their own research. And please feel free to contact me with your analysis. I've posted further thoughts on my rebuttal's IA splash page.


Video: 20041102.Last.Chance - 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Timeline. This is a chronological recap of 9/11 events, based on 9/11 Commission Report. 9/11 CR findings (and other pertanent news stories) are displayed at their appropriate times. Audio includes radio scan of firemen's radio frequencies.

CNN, Fox, Naudet and Booker Elementary footage play in a 4-way split screen. The CNN and Fox footage were aquired off eBay. Booker footage from BuzzFlash.Com and MichaelMoore.Com (both sites offered slightly different coverage).

Full length (44 minute) version on Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MPEG-4.

There is also a 12 minute version (only) in QuickTime. It shows strictly the "My Pet Goat" footage... nothing new if you've seen F9/11.

If anyone wishes to re-use this video for any purpose... I've got no problem with it. I've selected a rather restrictive licence only to bring attention to the fact some of the copyright holders might take a different view of what constitutes fair use. By some of the copyright holders of course I mean Fox. But I wouldn't just drop it into a commerical project all willy nilly.


Video: Don't Drink and Pork

Richard sizes up Amber. June 6th 2004. Ah, the memories. Ronald Regan has just passed away. Atlantis has been discovered for the upteenth time. And in a little town of Calgary, Alberta all hell is breaking loose.

The Calgary Flames are competing with Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup. Its so close Calgarians can taste it, and are ready to celebrate in an orgy of Stanley Cup lust. Beer is chugged. Boobs are flashed. But it could all end at any moment... those with lust in their hearts know they have to act fast.

Oh the heels of game 6, Richard prowls the streets of Calgary looking for Ms. Right, or at least... Ms. Right Now.

No non-alchoholic beverages were consumed during the taping of this video, created for R4NT.COM.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MPEG-4.