Video: Chelation Therapy Revolution

EDTA crab. In 1999, I helped Dr. Lyon make a video for Dr. Cline regarding Chelation Therapy.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MPEG-4.
Google Video.

I asked Dr. Cline what Creative Commons license I could use, and he responded by releasing this video into the public domain!

Stock: Lasik Eye Surgery

Gord Eye. Some time around 2000, I had lasik eye surgery at Mitchell Eye Centre. They had a VCR already hooked up to a camera so I asked them to record me a copy of the procedure. There is no audio.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MPEG-4.


Video: Richard Stallman on Software Patents

RMS at UofC. Richard Matthew Stallman visited UofC (at the request of CUUG) on 2005-05-18 to talk about the dangers of software patents.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MP3, OGG.

As I say on IA I've got a master at 1280x720x30p (16x9). If such footage is of any use to you, contact me and I'll get you what you need. What you see online has been panned and scanned.


CpRW: Site Up

I've made serveral references to an "Open Source Movie" I'm working on. Its called "Cyberpunk Ride West". The script is still being written, and I'm not sure yet when I'll try assemble cast and crew. I don't think there's much point trying to get people involved until the script is done. However, there are some musical numbers in the movie, 2 of which have lyrics written. If anyone would consider composing music for them, check out the lyrics and see if you want to get involved.

I don't consider myself musically talented in any way. If you can improve on the lyrics, go for it.

This blog will not be broadcasting minor status updates of CpRW, as OpenSourceVideo is really just to track all my skits and stock footage. But I'll make another CpRW post when I'm ready to start actively looking for participants.


Stock: Time Lapse - Daytime Traffic

Downtown daytime traffic in Calgary. Timelapse daytime shot of Calgary downtown traffic. Available at Internet Archive.

This is 1280x720x30p ("720p") footage in MPEG2 form. Vegas 6 takes it fine not sure what else will. Its not as interesting to look at as my earlier nightime NTSC traffic shots... but its HDTV if you're wanting to try out that format.


Video: SugarPlumHoneyBun

Blaise walks away.
Blaise sold his soul. He didn't have to pay very much money... but what will it cost him!?!

This is my first skit shot on HDTV, 1280x720x30p. While the finished product doesn't exactly scream HDTV, trust me it was a heck of a lot easier to crop and retouch shots without the damn dirty interlaced fields.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia. Google Video.

Watch the license. I used music tracks off ccmixter.org and couldn't secure commerical re-use from everyone, so the skit itself is under a more restrictive license. But (as I'm trying to always do now) I've uploaded the raw footage with wider cuts (and usual license) for easier reuse.

Posted the soundtrack to ccmixter.org which lets me document recursively where all the audio components came from.


Video: Fluffers Make Movies

Zombie at School Of The Dead set. Hey kid... you wouldn't download a movie would you? Of course not. Then WHY are you stealing that old lady's purse?

The MPAA has expanded the scope of their anti-piracy campaign, with spots specifically targeting horror fans, Bridget Fonda fans, and porn lovers. We salute the MPAA in their stuggle against all that is evil.

R4NT.COM has a nice splash page for all 3 videos: Zombies Make Movies, Script Doctors Make Movies and Fluffers Make Movies.

I'd appreciate anyone reviewing these videos on Internet Archive. Even if ya think they suck.

UPDATE [2005-05-07]: Added raw footage used to make all 3 MPAA ads to IA. Basically slightly looser versions of same footage, dialogue audio only.