Video - Calgary Centre Debate 2008

Coverage of Calgary's federal ridings now includes Calgary Centre. I live and work in Calgary Centre and it is my employer Cambrian House which is facilitating this coverage.

Calgary Centre Candidate Debate transcript published here. There are also Blip.TV hosted MPEG-4 and MP3 files.

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Audio - Calgary Centre-North Riding Debate

As a voter I've been frustrated during my last-minute-scramble to edumicate myself about local candidates before I run out to the polling station. (Citizenship is only something we need to worry about during an election after all.)

That's when I find there is nothing online. For federal parties and candidates, yes. But not a lot local ridings. There are only 308 federal ridings in Canada. How much effort would it take to videotape every debate and post them online, assuming one person from each riding took responsibility? Not a lot.

But technical hurdles and manpower might not be the ultimate obstacle to complete coverage of these events.

Blip.Tv is hosting 234 MB Windows Media file, 170 MB iPod compatible MPEG-4 and MP3 audio file. YouTube copy can be found here. Transcript published here.

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