Video & Stock - Elizabeth May

Leader of Canadian Green Party, Elizabeth May shared her thoughts with me regarding the success of Sweden's Pirate Party. Does Canada need a Pirate Party? I've posted concerns about the effectiveness of single issue candidates running in Canada to R4NT.com.

I also followed Elizabeth around between Calgary Stampede breakfasts, to collect some stock footage of her pancake flipping. Between Marborough Mall and Chinook Centre, a series of tweets were posted by concerned supporters, that Elizabeth was forgetting about animal rights for the sake of a photo op at a rodeo (she was not, in fact, attending the rodeo).

The interaction between Elizabeth and her daughter (Victoria Cate) was quite interesting as they spotted the tweets, and formulated a response. This led to a quick discussion about social media, her daughter's role in helping manage it, and how tools like Twitter and Facebook facilitate communication between candidates and their supporters.

Stock footage of Elizabeth May's visit to Calgary can be found on Internet Archive concerning copyright and volunteering, fund-raising and the economy. All footage is creative commons licensed. Stock footage of Calgary Stampede breakfasts, and her family's management of social networks like Twitter and Facebook is currently uploading to Internet Archive.

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