Video - DemoCampCalgary #13

You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video. DemoCamp Calgary 13.
At Calgary's Seven Restolounge on 2009-02-24 the 13th DemoCampCalgary was held by BarCampCalgary. I indexed this video coverage of the DemoCamp, so by clicking on the name of a software title you can immediately skip to a particular demo... For anyone wanting to use footage of their presentation in a video of their own, the 900 MB MPEG-4 master is available.

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Stock - Apple Store MacBook Theft

Stock footage shot of myself running out of an Apple Store with a MacBook box. I'd bought the MacBook earlier for iPhone development, but when asking for permission to shoot in the store I was told they have a policy against that. So I was only able to get an external shot at I run out. Intended as a quick visual gag in upcoming video.

A 640x360 MPEG-4 placeholder is available, as well as the 1440x1080i AVCHD SONY HDR-SR1 raw footage (70 MB).

Yes, this is an 8 second clip.

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Video - 2009-02-09 Obama Press Conference

I'd like to point out that the Obama administration is posting press conferences to YouTube, acknowleding they are in the public domain, and enabling download of the footage in high quality MPEG-4 format.
The [Download this video] link can be found on the YouTube video landing page, as is a [Subscribe] button to the Whitehouse YouTube channel.

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Video - Richard Stallman at UofC

On 2009-02-03, Richard Stallman gave a talk on free software and copyright. Since it is going to take many days to finish uploading all the raw footage to Internet Archive, I'll keep updating this entry as more formats (including free/libre formats) become available.

OGG THEORA video: (only edited version so far with super crisp frames)


MP3 audio:

MP4 video at 1280x720x30fps:

MP4 video at 640x360x30fps:

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Everyone's doing mashups. Its a big ole mashup party, and I finally have time to participate. What happens? YouTube MUTES the audio. I missed the party.

So Vimeo it is. Anyway, this is just for fun and it won't happen again.

Every time i listen to HOUSE OF CARDS i think of 28 DAYS LATER. But while that would make for a very kinetic mashup, i'd like to expose people to THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, which was the non-zombie inspiration for Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER. TRIFFIDS is being remade by BBC for a 2009 release. Hopefully that will inspire younger readers to check out other Wyndham classics including THE CHRYSALIDS and THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS.

And for anyone who thinks global warming is Al Gore's invention (that plus the internet), check out Wyndham's THE KRAKEN WAKES. Evil aliens perform some geo-engineering on Earth by altering undersea currents. The end result is reminiscent of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, although without its unrelenting stupidity.

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