R4NT REVENGE: Rectal Gas Surprise

R4NT REVENGE - Rectal Gas Surprise. You still taking it? Still taking it from the man? Oh poor baby. Is the baby gonna cry? Cry baby, cry!

Or, perhaps instead of crying, how about a nice warm glass of REVENGE!?!

This video was created for R4NT.COM's last issue of its 5th volume.

Internet Archive is hosting copies of various formats:
  Windows Media Video (PCs),
  MPEG-4 (for Quicktime on Macs and PCs),
  MPEG-2 (DVD authoring and remixing),
  MPEG-1 (best bet for Linux).
Google Video also has a copy.

Narration by Blaise Kolodychuk of SC Entertainment.
Victim is Andrew Sommerfeld.
Theme Song by CROM.
Denier of hi-five is Chris Argyll of OfDubiousOrigin.Com.
Naked jogger photo by Alessandro Vernet.
Relaxing music (04:41 -> 04:57) by zikweb.
Nitrogen Image by GregRobson.
Bus shelter photo by elsie! / Les Chatfield.
Inside church photo by Claudecf.
Minivan photo by Niteowlneils.
Seatbelt Diagram by Pmcm.

I've also uploaded my raw footage to IA. Probably the most generally useful clip (which is to say not terribly useful) is a timelapse of me stuffing my face with food. There are also lots of shots of faucets, jars and bubbles.