Video: One With The Fish

Dr. Reinhold has come to collect. Dr. Reinhold has come to collect.

Blaise Kolodychuk directed this, I just got to help a bit with the script and show off my lack-of-acting talent. Blaise makes TONS of videos and movies, available at SC Entertainment. The license on this one is more restrictive.

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Video: Friendly Snowman

Friendly Snowman. Boy is abused by his brothers and sisters, until he learns about the Friendly Snowman.

Won NSI's "Best Director, Alberta, 5 minute video" in 1997 (am paraphrasing award, but I believe that was the scope). Great score by Roland Griffith, member of Calgary band "Ground".

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Video: Blue Screen Party

Jeff looks at leaving BMXers. Andrea heads to a blue screen party. She's hit on by many men. Eventually she must choose between 2, who are competing to tell her the same story about a fake BMX rider.

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Stock: Time Lapse - Calgary, Vancouver

Glenmore by MacLeod Trail in Calgary. Timelapse shots of cars, traffic and cityscapes. Shot in Calgary and Vancouver.

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Video: You Need Patchgear

Vanessa and Robert. Old promotional video for expired company Patchgear. Shot in Calgary, Alberta. Silent movie style. Not particularly entertaining, I'm just posting all my footage in case its useful to someone. Am including a before-film-look copy in case any of the shots are actually useful to someone else.

Silent film music by J.S. Zamecnik.
Performed by Rodney Sauer.
Script written by Vanessa McTaggart.
Shot and edited by Gordon McDowell.

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Video: Is Your Child's Brain Starving?

Dr. Lyon Lecture. Lecture on how diet can contribute to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) by Dr. Michael R. Lyon, MD. Shot at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Lyon - "As the director of a medical & research centre, I have explored a variety of potential treatments to improve brain function in children and adults, without the use of drugs like Ritalin. Although I believe there is promise in certain herbal medicines and in non-drug treatments such as biofeedback, I have seen the most profound improvements in learning and behaviour through an intelligently applied nutritional program."

I was not very well prepared for the shoot, as did not have any warning. Just had time to borrow friend's camera (so could do 2 camera shoot), and stick one on a tripod. Dr. Lyon later emailed me a copy of his Power Point presentation , which I've incorporated into the video.

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Video: Elbow River

Crom and Amanda on Elbow River. Elbow River serial killer strikes again. Shot in Calgary, Alberta. Originally hosted and created by R4NT.COM. Featuring music by Ground and SC Entertainment.

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