Stock: Clouds and Misc in Vancouver

Clouds and Misc in Vancouver.Clouds and Misc in Vancouver.
Daytime. Misc shots I took around Vancouver in mid-90s on a Hi8 camera. Came across them recently while looking for other footage, the clouds looked neat so I timelapsed them in AfterEffects and... well I think they look pretty darn neat. Amazing how crappy Hi8 footage can look quite clean when frames are blended together.

The remaining shots (traffic, plane, bird) are poor quality, but figured I should upload them in same clip in case they might be useful to someone.

The clouds were timelapsed so that all frames were treated as progressive (which is basically true, since very little motion takes place between fields). I rendered this out as progressive (and uncompressed) before re-rendering it as interlaced MPEG-2. This means if you choose to interpret the MPEG-2 footage as progressive (despite the MPEG-2 not being flagged as such), you can rotate or zoom in on the cloud portions without interlace artifacts. Yeah, zooming in on NTSC can show pixels quite quickly, but there's something about the cloud texture which seems to say "relax buddy, it won't be a problem".

MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (NTSC original).